Mind blowing steelhead dry fly and sight fishing videos—that’s our primary focus.  Our feature length steelheading video, Paid in Full, features over an hour of footage including over twenty rises to dry flies.  Just released on DVD January 2012, Paid in Full includes a segment entitled Skate University.  Skate University aims to help those that dream of catching a steelhead on a dry do just that.  Check out the official trailer below and see how the steelhead gods reward those that have paid their dues.

Fly Fishing Fantasies

Skate First, Ask Questions Later


Help Fly Fishing Fantasies fight Run of River Hydro and other projects detrimental to BC fisheries.


Testimonial:  “Sick footage of skating dry flies for British Columbia steelhead.”

-Fish Porn Fix

Testimonial:  “That is bloody awesome!!  How cool!!!!  I can’t wait to see the finished film.”

-Simon Gawesworth (One of the world’s leading speycasting instructors)

Testimonial:  “I LOVE BC.  It’s my favourite place in the world.”

-Doug Powell Mayfly Media & Fly Fishing Film Tour

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