Gregor Dixon With A Flawless BC Steelhead

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Fly Fishing Fantasies was founded in 2009 by Roy Wheeldon.  This company was borne of the desire to fish the most thrilling methods for incredible wild steelhead in equally as incredible environs...and to share it with you through video.  Our videos allow you to vicariously experience awesome Pacific Northwest steelhead fishing and illustrate techniques that’ll enable you to experience this unparalleled action yourself.  We also aim to save many BC rivers by promoting conservation.


The Anglers/Camera Men:

Gregor Dixon guided for salmon in the Queen Charlotte Islands for 9 years and was the first Langara Lodge guide to take a tyee class Chinook on a cast fly.  His personal favourite fishing is dry lining summer runs.  He’s a former Canadian National Rugby Team member—at one time he was the most capped seven-a-side rugby player in Canadian history. 

Brock Simmonds has been pursuing steelhead on the fly since the early 90’s.  Brock has recently switched over to the two-handed rod after watching the rest of the gang make easy work of formerly challenging riffles, runs, and pools.  He loves fishing dries for steelhead and sea-run cutthroat.

Rory Sundberg is the longest serving wingman in Roy Wheeldon’s quiver of fly fishing partners.  Rory made the switch to the two-handed rod in 2009 and his immediate success means there’s no going back.  If only one fisherman’s still working the dry, it’ll probably be Rory.

Roy Wheeldon is the founder of Fly Fishing Fantasies.  He began his fly fishing forays chasing sea-run cutthroat trout around 1980 and has progressed to mainly pursuing steelhead in rivers all over BC.  He’s had a steelhead photograph grace the cover of a Victoria fly shop’s mail order fly fishing catalogue.  Like Gregor, Roy is a former Canadian Seven-a-Side Rugby Team member.

Rory Sundberg with a Big Steelie on a Skated Dry

Brock Simmonds of OMG (Oncorhynchus Mykiss Group)


Roy Wheeldon Cradles a Gorgeous Dry Fly Fish

Fly Fishing Fantasies

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