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Paid in Full is a riveting, groundbreaking video on steelhead sight-fishing and dry fly fishing.  Take advantage of this golden opportunity to see how veteran dry liners attack a steelhead river and see the results they get when they’ve fully paid their dues.

Product Summary

· Steelhead sight fishing

· Skated surface takes

· Wilderness solitude

· Shot in full 1080p high definition

The Plan:  Fly fishing Fantasies fishermen aim to sight fish and dry fly fish in pools teeming with wild steelhead—not a hatchery fish for miles.

How to:  Learn veteran strategies to raise steelhead to dries in a segment entitled Skate University.

Thrill Ride:  Ride the emotional rollercoaster with a steelheader frustrated by repeated short strikes, dejected by exploding leaders, incredulous with crazy surface action, and mesmerized by these supercharged rainbow trout.

Quality:  Shot in full 1080p high definition during 2010 and 2011, this video is filled with breathtaking scenery, revealing fish behavior, and fly fishing at a level that’ll redefine your notion of quality steelheading.  This film should take its rightful place in every fly fishing steelheader’s video library and could assist you in executing your BC or PNW steelheading trip of a lifetime

Huge Swirling Take of a Waller Waker

Buck Steelhead Ready for Release

Fly Fishing Fantasies

Skate First, Ask Questions Later

Sight fishing for trout with dries?  For sure.  But steelhead?  No feature length video has captured it...until now.  Join Fly Fishing Fantasies fishermen as they embark on the mammoth quest of catching the ultimate freshwater game fish the ultimate way.  This may be the most exciting steelhead action you’ve ever watched.  We’re so sure you’ll love Paid in Full that we’ll buy it back if you don’t—no questions asked.

Testimonial:  “Chock full of NASTY dry fly steelhead action.”

-Fish Porn Fix

Testimonial:  “That is bloody awesome!!  How cool!!!!  I can’t wait to see the finished film.”

-Simon Gawesworth (One of the world’s leading speycasting instructors)

Testimonial:  “...pure pleasure, so hot you’ll cry!”

-Le Mouching

Testimonial:  “Fly Fishing Fantasies founder Roy Wheeldon aims to help save many BC rivers by promoting conservation while sharing his hunt for mega Steelhead”

-This is Fly


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Click above to buy Paid in Full at a special introductory price of $29.95

We cover the tax and shipping!